Located in Lao Cai province, Vietnam, Sapa is always interesting with visitors especially trekking via the natural landscapes, the unique terrain and some green forests. It is also called as an upland town. Because of the unique features, it is considered as the best trekking spot in Vietnam, both natives and foreigners.

We recommend you enjoy “a day for trekking tour in Sapa” to explore mysterious beauty from Sapa. The travel package has some different options for your trekking route. Hope that it can meet your satisfaction and bring unforgettable experience for you. Let’s follow it right now


  • Many options with different routes
  • Guide take you to the breath-taking valleys and beautifully high village
  • Meeting Hmong people with their unique customs
  • Including lunch, car for return


Option 1: Sapa – Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Sapa

- At 8 am, starting from the center of Sapa town, it takes us 4 km to walk to Y Linh Ho village. It is amazing for admire the full view of the town, especially the wild valley from the main road. There are some terrace rice fields along the road. Sure that you feel fresh and comfortable in your trip

- Y Linh Ho village is a small hamlet of the Black Hmong people. In this place, you will visit the local families and explore the local culture such as lifestyle, the way they build their wooden and bamboo houses, daily cooking or the way of treatment for a sick person. We will visit here until 10 am

- From Y Linh Ho, along the river, we can visit Lao Chai village. In the local dialect, Lao Chai means that old village

- Then, I will recommend some local refreshment restaurants for your lunch. Sure that some traditional food will make your lunch delicious and tasty. Also foods only serve the vegetarian which is convenient during the trip

- Take a rest at Lao Chai until 2pm.

- In this afternoon, we will continue to moving to Ta Van village. Almost the Giay people live here. The guide will introduce you to special stories about them. Sure that you can share more wonderful experience about the minority. Although they don’t access to our modern life, they are good at capturing the wild nature

- At 4pm, we will return from Ta Van bridge to your hotel by car. Finishing a meaningful trekking tour in a day

Option 2: Sapa – Matra – Ta Phin – Sapa

(Matra village is the mainly resident home of the H’mong and Red Zao.)

- About 8 am, from the center of Sapa town, we have to go 5 km to the North East by jeep. Because this road is so far, walking will waste of time and physical. So jeep is the best method. Then, it takes 9 km to go to Taphin by trekking in the forest. It’s the most expected route

- The road from Matra to Taphin is very adventurous and hard to go. We will prepare some picnic lunch boxes. It makes your trip special and meaningful. This total time for rout is 3 hours (Sapa – Matra – Taphin)

- Until 1 pm, reaching Ta Phin village, you have a chance to get their daily life styles, custom and traditional handicraft. The most outstanding is overcoming the valley to low hills in the middle. Trekking people can enjoy the panorama view of Sapa

- Then we will come back the Sapa town at 4 pm by motorbike. Closing an amazing trip for trekking in this day

Option 3: Sapa – Sa Seng – Hang Da – Giang Ta Chai – Sapa

- At about 8h30 am to 9am, our guide meets you to hotel, then start your trek with a walk through the center of town, along Muong Hoa street. Sa Seng and Hang Da are high villages on the mountains, which almost Hmong tribe live.

- While hiking along steeply uphill the forest, you will enjoy a panoramic view of Muong Hoa valley. They have a custom of grazing horse. So you can see a crowed horse on the trails.

- Here you have a lunch at 12pm with Hmong family. We customize dishes including normal and vegetarian diet. Enjoy your lunch together. And let it explore daily life and traditional customs of Hmong people. It’s your time for relaxing

- About 2pm, you continue your walk through paddle fields to come Giang Ta Chai village. Saving time to see the stunning landscapes on the Green Valley

- You have 2 hours here. Until 4 pm, you will move by car to come back your hotel. End the tour

- The scenery of the Sapa is harmonious between the minority people and the nature which brings you feeling peace and happiness about the simple life. Trekking is the best way to find and love your life more. Don’t hesitate to contact us and join trekking tour in Sapa together

Service includes

  • Private English-speaking local guide
  • Lunch in the village
  • Entrance fee
  • Private car transportation back to Sapa Town

Do not forget

  • Bring good shoes, the trails can be quite slippery. Also, a Waterproof Jacket, comfortable clothes, bottle of water, and mosquito repellent are recommended.

Cancellation policies

  • Before 15 days without charge
  • Within after 15 days 50%
  • Within one week 100%